By Sam Kalaee

UX/UI Designer

My Role As a UI and UX designer, I took charge of creating the logo, selecting fonts and colors, and worked collaboratively with the team and clients. I conducted research, developed personas, user flows, and wireframes, created a visual design system, high-fidelity mockups, and prototypes. I conducted usability testing, collaborated with developers, and iterated on the design based on feedback to ensure a successful end-to-end user experience.

Project Overview

DentaBids is an online bidding platform connecting dental patients with providers. Patients create tickets with their requirements, providers submit bids, and patients choose the best offer. The platform helps providers compete effectively for patients and offers a cost-effective solution for patients in need of dental services.

a website,
a platform for clients,
a platform for dental Providers

12 week timeline
Mobile first design

Design Process Overview
User Research
  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Inquiry Contextual
  • Affinity Diagrams
User Interview Findings
  • The idea of partnering with benefit providers and student unions is appealing to many potential users, as it provides an added incentive to use the platform.
  • Some users are concerned about the security and privacy of their personal information when using an online platform, and want to know how DentaBids will protect their data.
  • Patients want to be able to easily communicate with dental providers before accepting a bid, and are interested in seeing additional information about the provider's services and qualifications.
  • Some dental providers are hesitant to use an online bidding platform, and would prefer a more traditional approach to acquiring new patients.
  • Patients are concerned about the quality of care they will receive from dental providers bidding on their tickets, and want to see reviews and ratings of providers before making a decision
  • Dental providers are interested in a more cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising methods, and see DentaBids as a potential way to attract new patients.
  • Many dental patients struggle to find affordable and convenient dental services in their local area, and are interested in using an online platform to compare prices and services.
Key Insights from Affinity Mapping Exercise
  • Customers are looking for affordable dental services that are convenient and accessible, and they value the ability to compare prices and find the best value for their money.
  • Providers are looking for access to more patients and the ability to compete on pricing, but they also value tools and resources to help them manage their workflow and patient information more efficiently.
  • Geographic considerations are important to both customers and providers, as proximity to providers and access to public transportation can affect the overall convenience and accessibility of dental services.
  • User experience is critical to the success of the platform, and customers value ease of use and the ability to upload images and select procedures.
  • Benefits providers are interested in offering additional tools and services to maximize value for customers, and they also value marketing and promotional opportunities to help them stand out from the competition.
  • Different target audience segments have unique needs and preferences when it comes to dental services, and the platform should be designed to meet the needs of families, students, and the general public.
  • The revenue model should be transparent and fair to both providers and customers, and the platform should not generate revenue by selling client information. Effective marketing and acquisition strategies, such as partnerships with student unions or government programs, can help the platform reach a wider audience and attract more customers.
  • Competition from other online dental services and traditional brick-and-mortar dental offices is significant, and the platform should strive to differentiate itself through unique features and benefits.
  • The technology requirements of the platform, such as a real-time bidding system and secure data storage, are critical to its success and must be designed and implemented with care.
Personas 1
Personas 2
clients Flow Chart
Dental provider Flow Chart

After first usability testing the flow changeed to these:

Client User Flow:
Sign up for a DentaBids account using email or social media login. Search for dental providers by location, specialty, and/or price range. Browse provider profiles, including ratings and reviews from other clients. Select a provider and request an appointment time and date. Receive confirmation from the provider and make payment through the platform. Receive reminders and notifications about the appointment leading up to the scheduled time. Attend the appointment and rate/review the provider on DentaBids.

Dental Provider User Flow:
Sign up for a DentaBids account using email or social media login. Create a profile, including location, specialties, pricing, and availability. Receive appointment requests from clients through the platform. Confirm appointment requests and receive payment through the platform. Manage schedule, appointments, and patient information through the provider dashboard. Receive and respond to client feedback and reviews. Leverage additional tools and services on DentaBids to enhance the value provided to clients, such as virtual consultations or educational materials.

First Sketch
Website Contain: Home page, FAQ, Provider Page, Blog Page, Contact us
High Fidality App for Dental Provider first Try
High Fidality App for patient first Try
findings from usability research

Users were confused about how to filter search results by location and price.
The language used in certain areas of the platform was unclear or confusing.
Users had difficulty understanding the payment process for booking appointments.
The onboarding process was too lengthy and complicated.
Users wanted more information about the qualifications and experience of dental providers.
Users wanted clearer and more prominent call-to-actions throughout the platform.

Second Iteration

DentaBids received valuable user feedback and made significant improvements to enhance the user experience. As a result, the platform achieved a 85% task completion rate in the Provider App and 75% IN THE Patient App by implementing clear filters, prominent call-to-actions, and prioritized search results. The onboarding process was streamlined, and the interface was simplified, leading to higher user satisfaction and ease of use.

Second Iteration Provider App
Second Iteration Patient App
Registration and Sign Up page
Visual Identity

Thank you for visiting my Dentabids UX design project portfolio page. I would like to clarify that I worked on this project alone, and it is currently an ongoing project in the research and design phase. As the sole designer on this project, I have taken the necessary time to conduct thorough research and design iterations to ensure that the final product meets the needs and expectations of our customers. While I have made significant progress, I have not yet reached the end of the project. I am committed to delivering a user-friendly platform that provides an enjoyable and intuitive user experience. If you have any questions or would like further information, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for considering my work.

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